Tribhuwan University
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Information Technology Innovation Center

Information Technology Innovation Centre at Tribhuvan University was established in 2016 with the objective of providing information technology service to the University in teaching learning process as well as in decision making.
This is the age of information technology. Effective education at higher level is not possible without the proper access of information technology. TU comprises different faculties, institutes, departments and research centres through which it has been providing higher education in different disciplines since 1959AD. Information and technology is playing a vital role in teaching and learning method of higher education. In order to provide quality education at higher level, intranet, internet and wireless network facilities should be provided effectively. This centre is planning to establish its own wireless networking in three phases.
In the first phase, the wireless networking will be accomplished at TU Central Office, University Campus premises and Office of Examination Controllers. In the second phase, the campuses within in the Kathmandu valley will be connected by the wireless networking. In the third phase, remaining campuses all over the country will be connected to the wireless network. For the betterment of the university, Information Technology Centre will always play a great role to bring latest information technology to the
university in the days ahead.

Prof.Dr. Subarna Shakya
 Information Technology Innovation Center 
Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: (977-1) 4330788