Tribhuwan University
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T.U. Health Centre

TUHC was established in 2028 B.S. Located in Kirtipur, inside the Tribhuvan University premises, TUHC has to operate smoothly for 48 years of its establishment. The main objective of the centre has to provide proper primary health services to patients from among TU staff.

Several programmes have been conducted successfully and some are still being conducted to provide best services to the patients. Some of the major programmes conducted by TUHC are :

  1. First Aid treatment
  2. General check-up
  3. Minor Operation
  4. Counselling

TUHC operates these programmes so as to provide an affordable treatment for improving the overall health condition of any patients, under the policy of the centre.  In this regard, TUHC provides free health services to its staff (teaching and non-teaching) along with their family members.

Patient's examination system in TUHC starts with the enquiry and check-up with respect to the patient's health problems followed by the analysis of the disease by doctors assisted by nurse and health workers. TUHC also provides the primary health services such as minor operation, medicine distribution etc. Any disease diagnosed uncurable at TUHC is further recommended to the concerned hospitals and the departments with a recommendation letter.

TUHC is working in bringing more efficiency for the treatment of the patients. For this, an  ECG machine is being placed in the near future.

TUHC is doing its best to promote a healthy and wealthy environment within University campus, TU, premises implementing the motto  "Health is the biggest wealth" into practice.

Dr Sarad Sharma

Chief and Senior Medical Officer

Phone no: 4330667

Email :