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Office of the Monitoring Directorate

Monitoring Directorate, a newly established organ, was established after Tribhuvan University Executive Council passed TU Monitoring Directorate Regulation, 2073 on 5th Jestha 2074. Since then, the Monitoring Committee Management System (MCMS), 2054 has been repealed. However, the tasks performed previously as per the MCMS, 2054 shall be considered as acted by this regulation.

The Directorate office, which is constituted under the Chairperson of the Rector, also comprises the Registrar as a Vice-chairperson, Deans (ex-officio member), seven members among TU teachers, two Deputy Directors and one Executive Director who also acts as a member-secretary. To perform the regular work, there shall be a 5-member Task Performance Committee under the convenorship of the Executive Director. It aims at monitoring and directing the works: academic, administrative, financial and others – of the different institutes, faculties, research centers, constituent and affiliated campuses of TU. It will also recommend to the Vice-Chancellor and to the Executive  Council  for  the  further  development and improvement of the above mentioned works that will support to regularize/implement TU Act,Rule,Regulations and Decisions. Besides these, it also simplifies that contact and relation between the central office of TU and its concerning bodies/sectors.

In order to accomplish the above objectives,its functions are categorized as follows:

a) To monitor weather the activities of institutions,faculties,research centers,constituent and affiliated colleges of TU,teachers and Staffs are as per the Law,Act,By Law and decision of TU and Executive Council or not;

b) To grant the permission to the teachers and staff of TU to work in other organization in different shift.

c) To monitor the presence of students and their results;

d) to Monitor the Physical facilities of the institutes,faculties,research centers and campuses;

e) To follow the directions of the Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Council.


Mr. Bishnu Prasad Khanal 

Executive Director

Office of the Monitoring Directorate

TU Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 977-1- 4331841

Fax: 977-1- 4331964