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Center For Research

The Research Division of Tribhuvan University established in 1974 has been renamed and restructured as a Centre for  Research  on  May 15, 2015. The centre is an apex body entrusted to formulate policies regarding the research activities in the university and is also responsible to coordinate all its research centres. It carries out research projects on national and international levels. It houses the faculty and staff who have adequate exposure to and experience in carrying out research of different dimensions such as Science and Technology, Forestry, Agriculture, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Education and Law. The centre is located in the premises of the university central office. The centre is well known for its interdisciplinary research activities since its establishment.

The centre aims at creating academic excellence through outstanding theoretical and empirical research works and publishing their outputs regularly.

The centre will be dedicated to the pursuit, advancement and  transmission of knowledge  in the areas of interdisciplinary research policy and development in the country. Through the scholarly and educational endeavours of its faculty, the centre is committed to the promotion of research and development in the university. The centre strongly believes in excellence in Research and Human Resource Development. Therefore, it expects both the students and faculty to engage in educational tasks and research works.

In the context of the changes that have been brought about in the academic and institutional circumstances of the university, the centre has now been entrusted to carry out its responsibilities as outlined in the formation, functions, rights and duties mentioned in the management system of Centre for Research, TU2072 B. S. (2015).



The goals of the Centre For Research are:

  • to facilitate TU teachers and other national and international agencies to carry out mini- research projects,
  • to organize workshops and seminars on research methodology,
  • to coordinate with national and international governmental and nongovernmental agencies in the areas of research and development, and
  • to make it an exemplary institution in the areas of research and policy
  • to reach this end, the centre works and judges itself by the most demanding standards; encourages teachers and students to be creative and provides support to teaching, research and service.

Responsibilities of the Centre

The Research Centre is given the following re- sponsibilities:

  • To publish TU Journal, Research Bulletin, Statistical Bulletin, Research Reports and relevant books and other important
  • To conduct Mini- research projects for the academic and organizational development of the
  • To evaluate research proposals and research
  • To provide documentation services to the researchers and other aspiring
  • To distribute research grants to the teachers and

Prof. Dr. Umesh Kumar Mandal

Executive Director

Centre for Research, TU

Central Administrative Building PO Box 8212

Kirtipur, Kathmandu Nepal Phone: 977-01-4331867

Fax: 977-01- 4331964