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12th International N.E.W.S. Conference in Kathmandu

The 12th International N.E.W.S. conference is being hosted by Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal on “Globalization of Higher Education and the Role of Universities” in May 15-18, 2015.

The sub-themes of the conference are as follows;:

  1. University as Knowledge Enterprise
  2. Globalization and its Impact on  Higher Education
  3. Higher education reform for addressing the need of the future world
  4. Higher education issue: Public vs. Private commodity/ or public-private partnership in Higher Education
  5. Trajectories of the green economy: innovation, sustainability, competitiveness
  6. Climate change and the  role of Universities
  7. Paradigm Shift of Higher Education
  8. Cooperation between Government and University for strengthening Higher Education

For details please find the following documents;

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N.E.W.S. International Conference