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Nepal Research Bhavan opened

Nepal Research Bhavan was opened in an event organized by Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and National Archives Nepal at the Branch Office of South Asia Institute Kopundole, Lalitpur Saturday evening. Saubhagya Pradhananga, Director of the National Archives, Prof. Bhupa P. Dhamala, Executive Director of the Center for International Relations, Tribhuvan University, Prof. Thomas Holstein, President of Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and Prof. Bernd Schneidmueller, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the project jointly inaugurated the Research Bhavan by lighting the lamp in the auspicious presence of august gathering of scholars, intellectuals, and institutions engaged in the project in various ways and capacities.

Ms Pradhananga delivered her welcome address while stressing the need of documenting things and events of national importance. She expressed her commitment to extend the government effort to promote research conservation, and development activities in collaboration with the concerned institutions and agencies.

Likewise, while delivering his speech Prof. Dhamala congratulated the actors who have been involved in opening the Research Bhavan and thanked for their efforts in project activities with the involvement of different institutions including Heidelberg University which has signed MoU with Tribhuvan University. He also stressed the need of effective collaboration with the universities and research institutions for the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage as well as things and events of international importance. He pointed out the efforts being made by CNAS, TU in South Asian Studies.

On the occasion Prof. Holstein and Prof. Schneidmueller expressed their views about South Asian Studies focusing on Nepal. They also talked about the importance of two-day conference/ workshop on Masters and Servants: Slavery, Bondage, and Unfree Labour in Nepalese History which was going to be held on March 3-4 in Yalmaya Kendra, Laitpur. They expressed the hope that this workshop would contribute to the research and development in history and cultural heritage of South Asia in general and Nepal in particular. Prof. Christian Brosius, Director of the project and Dr. Nadine Plachta also highlighted the importance of issues of the project.