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Faculty of Education

Faculty of education (FOE) is a leading institution in the field of teacher education in Nepal.  It was started as College of Education in 1956, before the establishment of Tribhuvan University (TU) in 1959. It is the largest faculty of TU in terms of the number of students and the number of affiliated campuses. With 26 constituent campuses and  590 affiliated colleges throughout the country, FOE has the biggest network of teacher education in the country. The main goal of FOE is to produce trained teachers, teacher educators, and educational researchers. It also produces educational planners and managers, curriculum designers and human resources needed for the educational sector of the country through its different programmes.

The Ph.D. programme in education was initiated in 1996 with a view to preparing high level academics and researchers in the field of education. Forty Ph.D. scholars have successfully completed dissertation and Ph. D. degree has been conferred to them by the university. Currently, 52 Ph.D. candidates are pursuing their Ph.D. research works in different subjects of educational study such as English, Nepali, Health, Mathematics, Science Education, Curriculum, Educational Planning, and Special Needs. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Education with specialization in Education Studies, Mathematics Education, English Education, Nepali Education, Social Studies, and Health Education is also being offered for students who are interested in education research. More than one hundred ten students have completed all requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy.


The main objective of FOE is to develop itself as a center of excellence for research studies in teacher education, teacher training, educational development and research, and to commit itself as one of the contributing partners for the national development.

Specific Objectives

In more specific terms, FOE aims at achieving the following specific goals

  • To prepare trained teachers for the school of the country;

  • To produce teacher educators, education specialists, education managers and administrators;

  • To produce high level human resources in education through M. Phil. and Ph. D. programmes;

  • To conduct research studies that contribute to the betterment of education system in general and teacher education sub-system in particular;

  • To contribute to the growth  and development of the education sector  of the country;

  • To provide expert professional and technical consultancy services to agencies/organizations/individuals  working in different education sectors;

  • To support the MOE, Nepal in the formation of  education policy, programmes planning and their implementation and evaluation;

  • To work as a national forum for bringing about debates and discussions in orders to address the critical educational issues; and

  • To share and disseminate educational researchers and innovations by linking itself with related national and international organizations.

Admission Requirements

The candidates who wish to get admission in the Faculty of Education must sit for the entrance examination for Master’s and M.Phil.  programmes. Admission to the four year B.Ed. programme is open to all who have completed their PCL or Higher Secondary education degree.  The one-year B.Ed. Programme is open to those having a Bachelor’s degree in any subject, except for the graduates in Sanskrit with no compulsory English. The M.Ed. Programme is open to all who have completed their B.Ed. in the area of specialization they want to get admission. M.Phil. Programmes is open to all but the graduates from non- education background  have to take 4 credit-hours more than M.Ed. graduates.

Those with an M.Phil. Degree are eligible for the Ph.D. programme.

Evaluation Policy

The evaluation policy is different across the programmes. For B.Ed.,  students have to sit for the final exams conducted by the Controller of Examinations. Considering the nature of subjects, they also take practical exams. For the M.Ed. programme, students are evaluated through internal (40%) and external exams (60%). While subject teachers are responsible for internal evaluation, the Dean’s Office conducts the external exams. The M.Phil. candidates are evaluated by their subject teachers through internal exams (60%) and by the Dean’s Office through the end-of- semester exams. All M.Phil. and PhD candidates should carry out an independent research and defend their dissertation for the degree.

Organizational Structure

The Dean’s office of the FOE is located at Balkhu, Kathmandu. The faculty is headed by the Dean and assisted by Assistant Deans and Department Heads. 

Program and Courses Offered

Constituent and Affiliated Colleges