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Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Development (CERID)


CERID has been working for the innovation and development of education since its establishment in 1975 focusing on the need for achieving academic excellence in the education system of Nepal. It plays a dynamic  role  to  streamline  the  efforts in upgrading the quality of education under the academic environment of  Tribhuvan  University. In line with this, CERID’s activities are directed towards undertaking policy research, educational innovation, and issue based study, need based training, and dialogue on burning educational issues. Moreover, CERID has devoted itself to piloting innovative ideas that bear on national education concerns and disseminating research outcomes.


CERID is a leading educational research institution for enhancing quality of education in Nepal.


The main goal of the centre is to promote culture of research and innovations to link education with development and change.


The objectives of CERID are:


  • To generate research based knowledge through exploration, innovation and action research in various critical aspects of school and higher education.
  • To carry  out  research  activities  focused  on linking education to development
  • To facilitate  education  policy  formulation, planning and implementation
  • To organize training programmes, issues based dialogue sessions, and professional development activities
  • To  disseminate   and   share   experiences and information by organizing seminars/ workshops and by publishing periodic journals and research reports

Research Area

The following are the research areas of the CERID

  • School and higher education policy, planning and implementation
  • Curriculum, course  materials,  instructional methods and medium
  • Educational organization,             management, administration, monitoring and evaluation
  • Educational human resource development


Institutional Network


CERID is a networking member of the following institutions:

  • Asian Network  of  Training  and  Research Institutions in Educational Planning (ANTRIEP)
  • International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), Paris

Human Resources

Human resource capacity of CERID is as follows:


  • Professors (including the Executive Director) – 4
  • Associate Professors – 4
  • Lecturers – 3
  • Teaching Assistant – 1
  • Administrative, support and utility staff – 19

Research Management

CERID  has  managed  different  resource  centres (RCs) and research management units to undertake

research, innovation, training and implementation. These include:

  1. Non-Formal education          Resource          Centre (NFERC)
  2. Early Childhood Development Resource Centre (ECDRC)
  • Multilingual Education          Resource          Centre (MLERC)
  1. Research Management Cell (RMC)
  2. Educational Management Information System (EMIS)



The centre publishes following Journals and News Letters regularly.

  • Journal of  Education  and  development  (in English)  Annually
  • Bikasko Nimti Shiksha (in Nepali) Annually
  • Journal of Early Childhood Development (in English) Annually
  • Kopila NEWSLETTER (in Nepali) not regular
  • MLE NEWSLETTER (in English) not regular
  • CERID NEWSLETTER  (in  English)  Half yearly


Research Activities

CERID has carried out significant research projects and innovative activities with the support of various national and international organizations since its establishment and has  contributed  to the development of education in Nepal.  It  has also contributed to the growth of literacy rate though formal and non-formal education by conducting number of action researches in the field of basic and  primary  education,  quality of education, mother tongue education and life skills for girls and marginalized groups. Now, CERID has given importance to researches related to higher education. In 2013 and 2014, CERID has completed the following research projects.



S.N. Research Project Financial Support Work Completed
1 Updating the Inventory of Non-Normanl Education Providers in Nepal Non Formal Education Centre, Sanothimi 2013
2 Effectiveness of BBA and BIM Programme Faculty of Management, TU 2013
3 Improving Students’ Learning of English Teachers’ professional development through Action Research UGC/ Nepal, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur 2013
4 Promoting Gender Equality and Security in School Plan Nepal, Sanepa 2014
5 Effectiveness of Engineering Education Programme Implementation Institute of Engineering, TU, 2014
6 School Sector Reform Plan : Longitudinal Study on System Indicators Department of Education/ MoE, Sanothimi 2014
7 Verification of Incentive Linked Indicators on Students Database Department of Education/ MoE, Sanothimi 2014
8 Promoting Quality Learning through Enhanced Multigrade Teaching in the Asia-Pacific Region UNESCO 2014


There are two  ongoing  project  in  2015:  one is   ‘Addressing  Educational  Issues  of  Muslim to Include them into Mainstream of National Development’ in collaboration with Ehsan Education Counseling, Maharajgunj and  the other is a ‘Mid Term Evaluation of Empowering Conflict Affected Women and Girls (CAW&Gs) through functional literacy and livelihood skills’ in collaboration with Non-Formal Education Centre, Sanothimi.

CERID is committed to involve itself in the development of education by conducting research on various pertinent issues and undertaking innovations and training programmes to  meet the changing  needs of the  country. CERID has developed an action plan for short-term and long- term in its five years strategic plan. CERID has been working as per the plans set under strategic plan and this plan is in fact in tune with the broader frame of the five years strategic plan of Tribhuvan


University. CERID is on the path to revive its glory based on research culture.

Currently, it is strongly articulated that CERID should endeavor to maintain its historical role and contribution in facilitating the governments’ efforts in strengthening the national education system. It should be instrumental in creating an environment for ensuring access to new and indigenous knowledge and enhancing approaches to research based activities on the road to link education to development and change.


Prof. Jiv Nath Dhital , Ph.D.

Executive Director CERID, TU

Balkhu, Kathmandu Nepal P.O.Box 2161

Phone: 977-1-4286732/977-1-4301852

Email: Website: http/

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