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Personnel Administration Division

Personnel Administration Division


Personnel Administration Division functions under the Registrar. This division is the central body to make the management of 15,196 employees working in 127 offices of TU. The division’s function is carried out through the following branches:

Teachers’ & Staff’s Post Creation and Management Sections:

The functions of the sections are to:

  • create posts for teachers/staff as per necessity
  • transfer posts to needy offices from places with more than needed posts
  • make an arrangement for appointment of teachers/staffs recommended by service commission
  • arrange appointments for promoted teachers/staffs
  • process teachers/staffs transfer where necessary
  • maintain the record of teachers/staffs working in different offices
  • initiate necessary steps to inform the TU Service Commission to appoint permanent teachers in vacant posts
  • do other miscellaneous works regarding teacher/staffs

Teachers/staff’s Pension and Gratuity Sections:

  • to give information about retirement six months earlier
  • to maintain record of teachers/staff’s appointment, transfer, promotion, punishment and leave
  • to make an arrangement of pension, gratuity and other benefits and do other miscellaneous things

Internal Administration Section:

This section performs all the tasks mentioned in point No 2 regarding the staff of the Central Office and those working within the Kirtipur premises.

Contract Teachers Management Section:

This section performs the following duties:

  • to make an arrangement for appointing teachers on contract or part time basis in all the bodies of TU
  • to extend the period of contract if there is a need
  • to make an arrangement of paid or unpaid deputation from TU to other institutions
  • to make an arrangement to provide gratuity and leave to foreign teachers
  • to manage internal deputation of teachers
  • to make an arrangement of deputation of staff other than those working in the Central Office
  • to carry out miscellaneous works

Action and Reward Section:

  • to take action against teachers who violate norms and code of conduct
  • to carry out the procedure to give a Medal for long service and for Educational prize
  • Miscellaneous things


Registration and transit Section:

To register and send letter to be processed from the division

Academic and Administrative Support Personnel

Tribhuvan University has approximately 7966 teachers and 7230 employees working as administrative and support staff in its constituent campuses.

Teachers Nos.
Professors 683
Readers 2239
Lecturers  2836
Assistant Lecturers 3
Teaching Assistants 1770

Instructors (Assistant-Seniors)

Senior Instructors 45
Main Instructors 30
Instructors 155
Deputy Instructors 135
Assistant Instructors 70
Teacher Total 7966
Administrative and Support Staff
Administrative 2442
Technical 1602
Utility 3186
Total 7230
Grand Total 15196

Note: 1380 temporary post of Teaching Assistant not included in the above list.


Mr. Basu Raj Giri


Personnel Administration Division, TU

Central Administrative Building, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal.

P.O.Box 8212

Phone: (977-1) 4330439, Fax: (977-1) 4331964


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