Tribhuwan University
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Message from Vice Chancellor

Incorporated in TU Act in 1956 Tribhuvan University (TU) was established in 1959 as a pioneer and single University of the entire country. Since its inception it has crossed various milestones of development and by the age of sixty years it has become one of the largest universities in the world in terms of enrolment of the number of students and its coverage of higher education in Nepal and beyond. At present, under the umbrella of TU 5 Institutes, 4 Faculties, 4 Research Centers, 3 other Centers, 3 Directorates, and 8 Divisions are running and functioning as per their specialties and subspecialties.

After the restoration of Democracy in Nepal in 1990, the Government of Nepal adopted the policy of multi Central Universities in Nepal which opened up new avenues for several universities that were established in eastern, western, and far western region of Nepal running in their own capacities. Furthermore, after the promulgation of New Constitution of Nepal, 2015, more spaces were given to open provincial universities as a result of which different provincial universities are also in pipeline. Therefore, in this changing scenario of power decentralization and the open higher education policy of the Government of Nepal, Tribhuvan University also has to transform accordingly and it is the right time to re-organize and restructure Tribhuvan University in many aspects. Although multiple universities were established and are functioning as per their own capacities in different provisions of the country, TU is still considered as number one choice for students/guardians for enrollment in higher education institution. Even today TU incorporates more than 80% of total enrollment of students and covers the largest volume of higher education in the country.

 Identification and proper utilization of properties of TU along with improvement of physical infrastructure and involvement of more faculties in research activities, improvement in academic standard, strict implementation of fixed academic calendar, reform in evaluation systems, and providing quality education as per the need of the country as well as the need of national, regional and global market are the major challenges of TU at present context. In order to accomplish the goals of TU set in Vision, 2030 and establish TU as a Center of Academic Excellence following reforms are mandatory to which we are committed:


  1. improve physical infrastructure

  2. develop University as an IT friendly University

  3. prioritize research activities and involvement of faculties/scholars in research

  4. strict implementation of uniform and fixed academic calendar

  5. reforms in evaluation examination/evaluation system

  6. develop and revise academic courses as per national demand and the demand of market (consumers’ need)

  7. capacity building of faculties for their involvement in research (national, collaborative, multinational, community and affiliated colleges)

  8. monitor the constituent, community and affiliated colleges closely

  9. close coordination with Government and stakeholders for future planning of manpower development

  10. internationalize higher education by implementing the provision of credit transfer

  11. endorse the provision of physical activities for students within campus premises and close monitoring of affiliated colleges for proper utilization of 10% scholarship allocated for TU

  12. identification, legalization, protection and proper utilization of all types of properties of TU

  13. activate and enhance TU Alumni for proper benefit of TU as per their capacity

  14. focus on “good governance” for implementing decisions of TU, creating academic/administrative transparency, strengthening Record Keeping System in all units, especially in stores

  15. revise the TU Act, Regulations, Bylaws, and Guidelines of TU to make the university legally strong

I hope if Parliament and Government of Nepal, all political parties, academicians, faculties, students, and employees of TU, local people and all other concerned people support and help to implement above mentioned (15 points) TU Reform Plan, we can really transform TU as a “Center of Academic Excellence” within a very short period of time. Therefore, I request all parliamentarians (members of both Houses), the Government of Nepal, all political parties, and all concerned people to support and help the University to implement our reform plan and to achieve our goals within the expected time period.  


Prof. Dr. Dharma Kanta Baskota

Vice Chancellor