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Institute of Forestry, Dean's Office, Pokhara
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Institute of Forestry


The Institute of Forestry, the first and only institution on forestry in Nepal, was established in 1947 as Nepal Forestry Institute under the Government of Nepal, which moved to Supping Bhimphedi in 1957, then to Hetauda in 1965 and merged with TU in 1972. The main objective of the Institute of Forestry is to provide graduate students with advanced training in forestry, natural resource conservation and management. Additional responsibilities of this institute include forestry research and the development of technology suitable to Nepal. At present, the IoF has 3 projects: Scifor project supported by Danida, NUFU supported by NORAD and Moringa research funded by multi stakeholder project.

The overall objectives of the projects are to enhance the capacity of teaching and research at the IoF, to develop the institute facilities, to train faculty/staff, and to develop network and linkages with European and Asian universities to ensure quality of teaching and research.

The institute has 2 campuses,  one  in  Pokhara and the other in Hetauda. The campuses of the Institute of Forestry have facilities of laboratories, woodloots, arboreta, forest research centres, and computer centres.

The library at Pokhara Campus has a TREECD Database system. A Museum-Cum-Library and Documentation Complex are at Hetauda Campus.

Programmes of IoFBachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Forestry (4 years) Master of Science (M.Sc.) (2 years)

a)      Master of Science in Forestry

b)      Master of Science in Watershed Management

c)      Master   of   Science   in   Natural   Resource Management and Rural Development.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Forestry

The institute has got one affiliated college, Kathmandu Forestry College, based in Kathmandu.


Prof. Krishna Raj Tiwari,Phd


Institute of Forestry, TU Hariokhark, Pokhara, Nepal P.O.Box 43, Pokhara

Phone : (977-61)430467, (977- 61)430694

Fax : (977-61)431563

Email: Website:

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