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Chinese Ambassador Visited TU





Chinese Ambassador for Nepal Excellency Yu Hong visited Tribhuvan University.

In her visited she held a discussion on various issues of Higher education and economical development between China and Nepal. Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan Univeristy, Prof.Dr.Tirth Raj Khaniya payed his respect to the Abassador Hong and briefly clearified contribution of TU for the Nation Building. He insited that TU is interested to have acedamic collaboration with Chines Univeristy.  Excellency Yu Hong has also insured her support to established acedamic relation between China and Nepal.  She told that she is very motivated jointy work with TU.  After a discussion She also visited Central Library of TU along to TU Authorites. She expressed her commitment to support further Strengthen of TUCL .

Registrar of TU, Mr.Dilli Ram Uprety, Chief of Planning Division Prof.Dr. Ridish Kumar Pokhrel were also participated both disscussion and Visit.



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