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TU held a Conference on Mountain Development and Himalayas

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2018)

Kathmandu/April 22

Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Geography has held a conference entitle “International Conference on Mountain Development in a context of Global Change with Special Focus on the Himalayas”  with collaboration with various international institution in Kathmandu.

Vice chancellor of Tribhuvan University Prof. Dr.Tirthraj Khaniya has inaugurated a conference. He highlighted that as a Himalayan country Nepal is facing various challenges like; glacial lake outburst, flood disasters, destruction of hydropower and irrigation infrastructure due to the instability and vulnerability of climatic effects. He also said that Tribhuvan University has started an academic program on mountain studies targeting to Nepalese and students of abroad. He showed his optimism that conference will provides a platform for sharing the results based on scientific research.  He requested the entire renounced scientist finding the solution of habitation and livelihood cause by natural disasters on mountains.

Main theme of the conference was to have a scientific analysis and debate on impact of climate change on Mountains, Ecological response and adaptation in Mountain against background of climate change. Sustainable management of natural resources in mountain areas, Risk management of environmental disasters in mountain areas, tourism and mobility, Livelihood adaptation and sustainability in mountain areas, policy tools for mountain development.

Scientific analysis and  discussed on various issue of Climate change, landslides, floods and snow disasters, climate various, livelihood of Himalayan, vulnerability of environment in order to finding an academic resolution. Scientist of more than 7 countries has participated. .

Prof.DENG Wei, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Science, Prof.Jibaraj Pokharel, Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology had deliver opening speech on climatic status and development at Himalayas.

Prof.Jeff Kargel, Arizona University, USA had presented a paper on Mountain hazards and risk in a global change context similarly Prof.Teiji Watanbe, Hokkaido University, Japan, presented a briefly about tourism and sustainability in Asian Mountains.

Prof.Pitamber Sharma, Former faculty member of TU and Specialist in ICIMOD presented a paper entitle “Migration, urbanization, climate and mountain development-need for a strategy in Nepal”. He gave a brief outline of dynamism of Nepalese Himalayan.

Prof.FANG Yiping, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China has presented a paper on liking ecosystem and society: Resilience Tool and its Application in the Source Regions of the Yangtze and yellow rivers.

Partnership organization of the conference are Sino-Nepal Joint Research Centre for Geography, Central Department of Geography and Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu, China,Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) et Institute de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)/Programme ANR -13- SENV-0005 PRESHINE, France, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology(NAST), Nepal Geographical Society, Nepal,Department of Land Science and Biogeography, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Mountain Branch of Chinese Geographical Society, China; CN-ICIMOD, China; Sichuan Geographical Society, China.

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