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Meeting with British Embassy

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

On 28th of February 2018

British Embassy held a meeting organized by HM Ambassador Richard Morris who introduced the subject and purpose of the programme. The topic for discussion was Market Study in Nepal’s Education Sector. The speakers on behalf of British Embassy presented a picture of education in Nepal and suggested the possibility of technical-vocational education which has high demand. They also stressed the need of investment of private sector in Nepal’s education.

On behalf of Tribhuvan University Prof. Bhupa P. Dhamala, Executive Director of the Centre for International Relations, attended the meeting and expressed his views in writing to the Ambassador. He suggested that the Government should formulate the intervening policy of quality education and invest more for technical-vocational education. The other participants were people from educational as well as industrial sector. They also suggested the need for quality education.

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