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MOU Discussion between TU and Kunming Hi-Tec Software and Information Security Testing Laboratory

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2017)

Nov 7,2017
Tribhuvan University organized a discussion program on Memorandum of Understanding between Tribhuvan University and Kunming Hi-Tech Software and Information Security Testing Laboratory.
Both parties have agreed to cooperate on the establishment of Nepal-Chines software and information Security Testing Laboratory Project in Tribhuvan University. The Proposed Laboratory is a Cross-Border Joint Innovation Laboratory Cooperation Project to serve the academic Purpose especially to serve the innovative science and technology research and transfer under both the Nepalese and Chinese governments promotion policy for the science and technology sector especially under National Socio-Economic Development Plan of Nepal government, the “One Belt, One Road ” Initiative of the Chinese Government.
Prof.Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Rector, Tribhuvan University stated that Tribhuvan University is willing to work with Chinese Hi-Tech Software and Information Security Testing Laboratory to reform academic and administrative Status of TU. Dilli Ram Uprety, Registrar, TU mention that TU along with Government of Nepal is ready to establish Hi-Tech Laboratory for the promotion of goods and business.
Wang Xueqin, Deputy Director of Yunnan Science and Technology Department, Wang Cui, Deputy Research of Foreign Cooperation office of Yunnan Science and Technology Department, Zhang Hongbing, Chairman of Southwest Group Company, Lia Jian, CEO of Kuming ITL Software Technology Co.Ltd., Zhang Shaoyun, Vice CEO of Puer Liangbao Biotechnology Com.Ltd., and Liu Hao, CEO of Yunnan Dingyong Technology Co.Ltd participated in the discussion from chinese side and Porf.Dr. Ridish Kumar Pokhrel, Director of Planning Directorate, Prof.Dr. Bhupa Prasad Dhamal Director Centre for International Relation, Prof.Dr. Ram Prasad Khatiwada Dean of IOSt, Prof.Dr.Trirantna Bajracharya, Dean, and Institute of Engineering among other were participated from Tribhuvan University. It was informed that MoU will sign on near future after reaching the agreement from both Institutions.

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