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Centre for International Relations

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2017)

Centre for International Relations, Tribhuvan University, was established in April 1998 to promote mutual understanding and friendship between TU and other international educational institutions across the world. As Tribhuvan University has an international reputation for research and teaching, and has successfully developed extensive collaborative links with reputed international institutions, the centre fulfils one of the major responsibilities to promote international exchange and cooperation with foreign universities for enhancing academic excellence of TU.
The centre’s main activities include exchange of ideas and skills to establish collaborative relationship with the international educational institutions. It aims at establishing and developing academic relationship with different universities and educational institutions at international levels for the promotion of educational activities, research and for upgrading academic excellence and exchange of human resources. Its major functions are:

  •  to establish collaborative exchange Programmes, and to monitor and evaluate Programmes under bilateral/multilateral agreements and to provide necessary assistance
    • to assist international student exchange Programmes and faculty members in their affiliation and provide supervisor and necessary academic information, research and study visa formalities
    • to organize international seminars and conferences and exchange of publications, and
    • to help foreign researchers get affiliation with TU and provide necessary support to get research visa.
    Tribhuvan University through its institutes, faculties, research centres, departments and campuses have been carrying out different projects in collaboration with foreign universities and higher education institutions. The collaborations include academic programmes, students/staff mobility, conferences/seminars, joint publications and research projects. Centre for international relations (CIR), TU, has been coordinating and facilitating the collaborations.

International Students and Researchers
From the very beginning, Tribhuvan University (TU) has been a place for study and research for international students. They are attracted by the rich geographical, social, cultural and linguistic diversity found in Nepal. The number of international students is growing steadily every year. Majority of the students come here either to join regular courses (partial or full) or for research (degree or non-degree) as partial fulfillment of their own universities. They do not earn credits at TU but receive certification from their home institution.
There are usually 3 types of international students:

(1) those who come to enroll personally, (2) those who are sponsored by educational institute, and (3) those who come under exchange Programme as per bilateral agreements signed between Tribhuvan University and their native universities or institutes. International students get necessary guidance and help from the Centre for International Relations, TU. CIR has been providing accommodation facility for foreign students/scholars at moderate rate in the International Hostel within the University campus premises, Kirtipur.
There are 98 international researchers affiliated to TU from July 2014 to April 2015. They study different subject areas such as language, religion, culture, ethnicity, economics, geography, environment, rural development and medicine.
By April 2015, TU has bilateral agreements with
144 international universities/institutions and 9 national institutions.

Prof.Dr.Bhupa Prasad Dhamala

Executive Director
Centre for International Relations, TU Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
PO Box 8212,
Phone: 977-1-4330840/ Fax 977-1- 4332500
Email: Website:

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